Pioneer Troop has had a busy few weeks at the end of April and early May with 3 camps spread over a 4 week period. As a Troop we do a lot of activities but this was a busy period even for us.

We started with a Sleepover at the HQ for the Patrol Leaders Council to link a First Aid Training Course and the Districts St Georges Day Event. The next weekend we had a Young Scouts Camp aimed at the Scouts who had joined within the last year – we have had an influx of new members recently, with 15 of the 18 eligible Scouts attending. Finally after taking the May Bank Holiday weekend off, two of our Patrol Leaders led Patrol Camps for their Patrols.

First Aid Course and PLC overnight

With Patrol Camps coming up it was time to do a First Aid refresher course with the members of the Patrol Leaders Council. We do this every other year working towards the Scout Level 4 First Aid badge (which is just a little below the minimum standards for First Aid for Adult Leaders), many thanks to Liz for coming along to run the course for us. This helps ensure that the PLs can deal with First Aid problems on Patrol Camp.

After the Training Course, we did what most Troops do we had a campfire. We also made and tested some new equipment ready for tomorrows District Event.

Additionally, this weekend was the annual St Georges Day event. As a District, we have moved away from the ‘boring’ Parade and Church Service and instead run a Parade and Fun Day this year held at Long Stratton High School. The three activities we put on always seemed to have a queue.

Younger Scout Camp

With so many new Scouts having joined the Troop over the last year and a big International Jamboree coming up we needed to make sure everyone was up to speed with camping. Thus this camp didn’t have any of the older experienced Scouts attending just the newbies. They had to work together to solve some problems set in their way by the evil Leaders and get their tents sorted out themselves. We also had lots of time for games and activities.

Patrol Camps

Pioneer Scout Troop really emphasises the Patrol Method and are one of the few Troops that still have Scouts do Patrol Camps. This year we had two 13 / 14 year old Patrol Leaders run camps for their Patrols. The PLs had to book the campsite and activities, plan menus, go shopping, sort out equipment and getting it there as well as actually run the camp and then clear up afterwards. Eddie and Luke did a fantastic job even with a few, to be expected hiccups, during the planning stages.

Their Patrol’s got to participate in Air Rifles, Crate stacking and high ropes climbing challenge as well as all the other usual camp activities and chores.

In a few weeks time we have the 2018 Family Camp open to the entire 1st Wymondham Scout Group and we’re expecting over 100 that weekend!