The Scouts and Guides are holding three bag-pack events this Autumn/Winter:

Location Date Times Theme
Morrissons Sun 29th Oct 10:00-16:00 Halloween
Morrissons Sun 17th Dec 10:00-16:00 Christmas
Waitrose Fri 22nd Dec 09:00-17:00 Christmas

These fundraising events are very important to raise funds for the ongoing costs and maintenance of our Headquarters; in particular we are raising funds to replace our ageing roof. Without them we cannot run the building, and thus not run our groups; so we expect everyone to roll up their sleeves and help out.

It’s also important to be visible in our community, and the children do enjoy helping local people. For each event we will be drawing lots for participants to win a bag of sweets, one for the Guide side, one for the Scout side.

For the Halloween bag pack extra decoration is encouraged; but we do need to be recognisable as Scouts and Guides, so uniform must be worn.

We have an electronic signup sheet here. 
If you have difficulty accessing that, ask for help from your leader, or email your availability to

A photo from last year: