The HQ is maintained through contributions by the groups using the Hall, and we are a cashflow-positive organisation. We regularly run “bag-pack” events at local supermarkets such as Waitrose that generate donations that we rely on.

For larger expenses and repairs, in particular our current projects, we rely on external funding through grant applications and donation campaigns. We badly need a volunteer to coordinate these campaigns. It’s a good challenge for a very worthwhile cause. Can you help? Please contact us.


We would gratefully receive one-off or regular donations from other organisations, businesses, and individuals. As you can see from this site, the money received will be put to good use for specific improvements to our facilities for the benefit of local youngesters. We have a good track record of completing projects successfully.

If you work for an employer that has a yearly chosen charity, or a social responsibility program, please remember us! Equally, if you are preparing a will, we would be very grateful to receive a gift from your estate.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.